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Becoming a member

NGHC is open to all Professionals such as Hypnotherapists, Coaches and Healing Artists who support our mission and are committed to our practice and teaching.

Those who apply for membership must have been initiated as a professional Hypnotherapist/ Coach/ Healing Artist.

Agree to abide by the membership agreement including the code of Ethics, and make an effort to regularly attend to annual gathering.

NGHC provides:

• Connection to a worldwide society and legitimacy of this profession credential programs in Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Healing Arts.
• Global network
• Global Accessing to up-to-date info about industry
• The best resources and Conferences
• NGHC logo to use on member's business cards
• Discount on Annual conference rates and Certification fees
• Discount rates for the provincial Hypnotherapy and Coaching seminars and workshops
• Support to grow and expand your professional career
• A Professional Certificate
• Membership of the largest professional organization that supports Coaches and Hypnotherapists.

To belong to the premier professional Hypnotherapy and Coaching organization, we also ask that you work with the precept and follow the aspects of NGHC in your teaching and practice.

If you have not trained by NGHC, you may be asked for attending seminar to be updated. The application process takes an average of one month to complete. When your application form and fee have been received, a trained Membership Assistant will contact you. The Assistantıs task is to share their experience of Alliance membership, to answer your questions, and to work with you to determine your alignment with the Membership Agreement.

To apply for membership, Please Contact Us.

Requirements for Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

MD, DDS, , PhD, PsyD, or equivalent doctoral degree with psychology as the major study, or a master degree in nursing, social work, psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy from a college or university accredited by its appropriate regional accrediting body;
• Membership in a professional society reliable with degree
• Minimum of 40 hours approved workshop training
• Minimum of 20 hours of individualized training
• Minimum of two years of independent practice utilizing clinical hypnosis

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